June 25, 2011

Kitchen/dining revamp

by Shelly

What do you do when you have a boring dining area, lots of people to seat, and a lack of space?  My clients just bought a new home and have been longing for a place that looked like them!  With three busy, little girls these working parents just couldn’t find the time to make their house into the home they wanted.

{sad little dining area :( The table will be getting an overhaul! Wait and see! }

Some inspiration pics for our dining space….

eileen kathryn boyd

via my home ideas

source unknown

via decor pad

via Cottage Living?

We are working on revamping this big box hardware store kitchen and dining area into a cozy, beachy, water colored, fresh space.  The cabinets are getting painted a creamy linen color starting tomorrow and we’ll be adding new hardware, fixtures, window treatments, furniture and lighting to the space.

{the appliances, countertops and cabinets will be staying. paint, lighting, and hardware will be added for a quick overhaul.}

Can’t wait to show you the finished result! Happy Friday!

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I don’t think I ever realized how important the small details are in a home until now.  The end of last week we started working on the things that we just couldn’t finish before we moved in….namely the interior doors, baseboards, window moldings and window treatments.  It was a MESS without the edges of the drywall being covered by those moldings and whatnot.  Every time we walked by a wall with a messy door edge opening we would hit the drywall, then dust and chunks of wall would come spilling down. MESSY!  That stuff is the hardest thing ever to try and vacuum up.  Seriously.

So as I started my day today I was thankful for the little things….

A bedroom that faces the street…WITH window treatments that block out light!  No window molding yet.  That will go on today, but I LOVE the bamboo shades with a blackout layer that can be adjusted, so you can use the shade with or without the liner.  By the way, have you looked for well priced, NICE bamboo shades?  Highly recommend Blinds Chalet friends.  The quality is great and the price was very decent.

Yeah for interior doors!!!  We’re still missing one that will come later this month, but there is nothing like being able to shut a door to use the bathroom.  We were as discreet as possible, but we could walk in on one another at any time. No bueno.  And I LOVE our oil rubbed egg knobs. I know, I know…everyone keeps saying how oil rubbed is going to go out of style soon. I don’t care. I love the shot of contrast and since I have a lot of polished nickel going on, I wanted something completely different for the door hardware.  And hey…how ’bout those baseboards!?  It’s the little things folks…I’m telling you!

But now I’m on to the next project….closet doors.  This is a tough one for me because 1) sometimes I’m a cheapskate and 2)I like a mirror when I’m getting dressed.  Mirrored closet doors are a definitely no-no in the design world.  TACKY!  But darn it, they are so convenient!

Especially when you’re getting ready for a night on the town dressed as a tramp. *Note the nice tattoo on her ankle.* :P

Anywho, so I’m trying to find fairly reasonable alternatives to the dreaded Home Depot mirrored sliding closet door.  Not easy.  They aren’t cheap and there are not very many options.  At least not in my area.  But here are some doors I am eyeing for our bedrooms.

James Radin

I love this!  BUT there is no way that the inside of my closet would be on display like this.  It’s not nearly neat enough.

Steven Gambrel

Another lovely idea.  This one is a bit more doable, but I would still need sliding doors in two of the rooms due to space issues.

Have any of you done something different for your closet doors? I would love your ideas/pictures!


June 6, 2011

We’re in!

by Shelly

The last few weeks have been a blur.  As soon as I came back from Blogfest in New York City, I jumped right into finishing up the house so we could move in that following weekend.  You’ve never seen tile, faucets, lighting, closet organizers, etc….go up in such lighting speed.

We’ve come a LOOOONG way folks!  We are living in the house now and although there is still so so so much left to do, I can’t believe the amount we accomplished in just two short months.

Here are some before and afters:

The family room before. Yuck!

The window that was on the far wall was taken out and filled in.  It not only had absolutely NO view (it looked right at the garage door), but it took up some valuable real estate.  We are eventually going to have a built in entertainment center made for that wall which will house our television, stereo, books galore, and add needed storage.

More family room befores.  That wall to the left was taken out and we added a large breakfast bar that overlooks the room.

Another shot of the family room during the demo phase. That fireplace was the worst!

Wood flooring is in!  The fan, recessed lighting and in ceiling speakers are in too. Lava rock fireplace is gone, leaving so much more space!  The ugly aluminum slider has been replaced with pretty french doors that look out into the backyard. And the walls have all been painted…thanks to my lovely husband (who did them all while I was away at Blogfest!).

Ahh the kitchen before. What a beauty eh?

The kitchen counter tops went in JUST before we moved in.  So glad we went with Calcutta Gold marble instead of black honed granite!  The kitchen just looks YUMMY with all that marble.  The Walker Zanger tile still won’t be in for a few more weeks, so we’ll be without that for a little while longer, as well as the commercial stainless steel . Oh, and the cooktop cabinet was made too short, so that had to be fixed.  We just added a large drawer underneath it that is fab for holding all my baking pans.

The window that was on the far wall was taken out and filled in.  It not only had absolutely NO view (it looked right at the garage door), but it took up some valuable real estate.  We are eventually going to have a built in entertainment center made for that wall which will house our television, stereo, books galore, and add needed storage.

The pendant lighting still needs to go up.  And the corbels for underneath the breakfast bar still haven’t been delivered.

The guest/kiddo bath before.

I’m STILL freaking out over this bathroom.  I went tile crazy in here!  Ann Sacks all the way baby. Penny rounds with a very slight edging in blue and subway tile on walls, into the shower in a grey blue. I then used a chair rail tile around the room that goes into the tub/shower area also, but then is topped with square white tiles on the diagonal.  I was going for fun, classic, and coastal!

Polished nickel fixtures, carrera marble countertop, custom bath vanity in Ben Moore Edgecomb Gray and classic light from Hudson Valley.

The outside wasn’t a priority for now, but I couldn’t handle the two ugly trees in the lawn or the whole plant situation in the flowerbeds.

Sad, sad, sad.

Our new windows made a big difference, but we now need to paint the outside of the house. That will have to wait though. We want to transform the facade of the place by removing the birdhouse holes, storybook style trim and swooping roof lines.  In the yard we added new borders for the flowerbeds, removed the ugly pine tree and a dead, termite infested tree in front of this window.  We replaced the tree in this area with a pretty flowering tree and added hydrangeas, gardenias, and ferns…and LOTS of mulch!

Camelias, tree ferns, salvia and irish moss were added to this area of the yard.  And new outdoor lighting was installed!  Little touches made a big difference!  This should all fill in nicely over the summer and I may add more plants as I see how they all grow in.

We are still getting the bedrooms together and finishing up the master bath.  I will be sure to share those rooms with you once they are more presentable.  We are going to be in project mode for quite some time!  But to be honest…it’s fun.  At least for me it is.  Even though I’m a TOTAL perfectionist and a clean freak, being able to completely transform a home to my style is a dream come true! Everything in the house is there because WE picked it out and ok’d the work.

Love that.