May 20, 2011


by Shelly

We have exactly ONE WEEK until we are to move into our new home!  It’s been CRAZY….running around trying to manage our house remodel, packing and attempting to purge ourselves of the stuff we’ve accumulated while living in this big ol’ house, selling all the old baby equipment and toys, handling three new client projects (YAHOO!), and the best part…taking time out of all this to attend Blogfest 2011!

Here are some highlights of the week taken from my ever so humble iPhone.  I know…not exactly the best camera to use, but I forgot the nice Canon, so I had to use what I had!

Lunch at the House Beautiful offices.

The beautiful backyard of the Kips Bay Showhouse done by Greener by Design

I’m uber-obsessed right now with pea gravel and small stones in the garden, rather than hardscaped surfaces. Feels much more organic!

Probably one of my favorite rooms at Kips Bay.  This “stereo lounge” was designed by Brad Ford and features a wood slab turntable/coffee table.  Such a cool space! Here is a better pic of the room.

Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa preview and picnic lunch at the Lee Jofa showroom.

Such fun, happy color and pattern!  I can’t wait to use some of these lovely fabrics on upcoming projects.

Barbara Barry showing us her new Indochine fabric line for Kravet!

Horrific picture, but it doesn’t matter!  Me with one of my ultimate design idols…Suzanne Kasler. I about flipped when I walked into this party and saw her there. LOVE!

Suzanne’s gorgeous, feminine room designed with the line of fabrics she reinterpretted for Kravet.

Design legend David Easton in the room he designed.

Meeting ANOTHER design biggie…Thomas O’Brien!

And one of the best events of the week….hearing Architectural Digest editor in chief, Margaret Russell speak. You’ve never heard a room full of design bloggers so quiet in all your life!

It was an amazing trip from start to finish, but boy was it tiring!  I’m glad to be home and back in the saddle of all my ongoing projects.  Today the kitchen and guest bath marble is being installed.  I will share pictures this weekend!

Happy Friday everyone!


I don’t want much for Mother’s Day this year…..

But an hour or two nap WOULD be nice.

Haven’t had one of those in quite some time.

(image has been removed)

And this is the perfect little nook.

Then the hubs and I would paddle out for a late afternoon surf.

Cause we don’t do that enough together anymore.  And it really is the BEST stress reliever. Yes, even better than sex…or a glass of wine.  Ok, wait I was stretching it on the wine part.

And of course my butt would look just like this while I paddled out….

i wish!

Then we’d head back to the beach house to make dinner together.

In this adorable kitchen while our little one colored at the breakfast bar and we sipped on wine.


I don’t really want…much.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas out there!


We are in full on crazy mode right now!  We have just about 3 1/2 weeks left before we need to move in and of course we still have TONS to do.  This past weekend our beautiful new kitchen cabinets went in.  Originally due to our limited budget I though I was doomed to being able to only afford Home Depot cabinets.  Our neighbor (who is a FABULOUS woodworker) kept urging us to check with cabinet makers before settling on anything.  He was convinced due to the sad, sorry state of the economy and the lack of construction jobs going on in Southern California, that we would find someone who did beautiful cabinets at a very reasonable cost.  Now of course I have a guy who I use for my design clients, but even he wasn’t affordable enough for us to use him.  I ended up finding a cabinet making, father and son team that has gone above and beyond my expectations!  Here is their gorgeous work….

I DREAMED about owning a farmhouse sink...let alone a SHAWS one!

The large breakfast bar. Still need to add decorative corbels to the underside for stability. That far wall will eventually be tiled with the Walker Zanger Asbury tile.

And last Friday the new windows and doors went in! I LOVE the french doors. They totally update the space.

And did you notice something else????  The ugly lava rock fireplace is gone!  We are SO glad we didn’t keep it and try to reface it.  Without it that area of the room in so much more open.  And since that area in front of the french doors will be where we place our dining table, it makes even more sense to not have that big clunky thing there.

The marble is just now getting fabricated and should be installed at the end of next week.  Also, our cabinet guys are working on the bath vanity and tiling in that room will start Monday!   I cannot WAIT to show you guys that room.  Its going to be so cute!!!!