November 30, 2010

Kitchen Love

by Shelly

I don’t normally go crazy for Jack in the Box commercials. Heck, I usually don’t even pay attention to them at all really (especially since we DVR everything and skip though them). But the latest Jack commercial made me stop, pause, and stare. PRETTY!!! Umm, Jack can I please have your kitchen? Ok, thanks.

Marble…check.  Pretty lighting…check.  White cabinetry…check.  Drawer pulls…check.  Woven blinds…check.  BIG beautiful stove…check and check. Ok Jack in the Box people, how did you know exactly what my dream kitchen looked like?!

Oh my goodness….AND a commercial looking, double door, glass front fridge!!!! Argh!!!!

Dark, lovely wood floors.

I’m dying.

{all photos from Jack in the}

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November 29, 2010

Eddie Ross decorating tips!

by Shelly

I just love that Eddie Ross has teamed up with Kmart and Sears.  Everything that boy touches goes gold…so those companies were VERY smart in working with him!  Check out his Christmas decorating tips!  And I thought I was pretty good at decorating for the holidays.  Eddie is the KING!

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November 24, 2010

christmas in the bedroom?

by Shelly

I am absolutely 100% in the Holiday spirit this year. I’ve seen my friends on Facebook complaining that there is Christmas music playing at the mall and in stores already. What!? Friends, November is officially holiday season…so OF COURSE you’re hearing falalala la already! Just sayin’!

Anywho, I’ve had my car stereo tuned to holiday music since last week and it’s put me in the best mood. We’re gearing up to spend time with the in-laws for turkey day this weekend…but once that’s over….DECORATING TIME!!!! This house is going to explode with holiday decor. Usually the decorations are kept to the main parts of the house; the living room, family room, dining room, kitchen. But this year I want to do more to incorporate the spirit into the more private areas of the house, namely the bedrooms. I know our three year old will REALLY like this idea. Do you do this? How do you decorate other, not so typical, areas of the house?

Here are some inspiration pics I’ve been drooling over. I see a large shopping spree at the Los Angeles Flower Mart Monday morning!!!

{via country living}

{via coastal living}

{via coastal living}

{via country living}

{via Pottery Barn}

{via CL}


November 23, 2010

french themed christmas party

by Shelly

We’re throwing a party!

One of my good friends Laura and I have teamed up this year to throw a big Christmas party together.  I’m really excited since my buddy is an EXTREMELY, great cook and entertainer herself.  I don’t throw that compliment around lightly!   Don’t get me wrong, I love parties…any party…even the so-so ones.  But when someone really knows how to cook and entertain, well they get a serious hats off in my book!

Laura previously threw this Christmas party by herself each year at their place.  But since they don’t have a ton of room and two little boys running around, well we decided my place would fit the bill for a new venue.  I’m THRILLED to be throwing the shindig at our place!  Last year I was honestly all bummed out that we didn’t have a party or really have anyone over since I had really gone all out and decorated the house.  So YIPPIE….this year someone other than the immediate fam will see the work I put in over here!

The theme of the party is going to be French!  FUN!  Not the easiest theme at all, but definitely fit for a fabulous event. I’m thinking if we stick to more French Provincial type dishes that we’ll get more bang for our buck and the cooking won’t be too difficult.  After all, we’re inviting around 30 people to this soiree so it can’t be too time consuming or hard to do!

And of course, I want to look as chic as a French woman at my own party. Hopefully something just like the French actress Marion Cotillard. {umm yeah, i wish!}


We just got back from our six day getaway to Sayulita, Mexico this past Tuesday night.   Of course I spent the remainer of the week trying to play catchup and spend time with my little one..who I missed TERRIBLY!   (even though the break and one on one time with the hubs was very needed!)

Sayulita is a quirky little surfer town 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.  We went not only for the vacation time, but to attend a wedding of one of my hubby’s oldest friends.  We had both been to Baja, Mexico before and to be honest we were sort of over Mexico for good.  Sayulita (in main land Mexico) changed our mind completely!  The people, the food, the beach, the water, our casa, the village…it was all charming and non touristy.  Yes, it is Mexico…so there is an over abundance of dog and horse poop, uneven dirt streets, and the smell of urine.  But you sort of know what you’re getting when you go, so you don’t dwell on it…at least we didn’t.

The views of Sayulita are stunning.  Just what you want to gaze at while sipping a fresh margarita and munching on ceviche and chips!

{a shot of the village of Sayulita from the palapa where the wedding was held}

{the view from our friends’ casa and VERY HIGH deck!}

Horseback riding on the beach always sounds romantic and fun, until you want to HANG OUT on the beach. It’s a little difficult to find a nice…unpooped on area…to place your towel!  Makes for a great pic though!

{dogs in a cage on the back of an atv….Mexico’s traveling Petco?}

Random, but lovely…images of Sayulita…..

{this restaurant in the village square, looked absolutely magical at night}

{the fruits and veggies were to DIE for!}

{we’re not sure how..but this is the place all the single boys stayed. the couples (who we stayed with) all vowed to rent this place next time we go!}

Hope you enjoyed sneaking a peek into our much needed getaway. I’ll post more pics of our trip tomorrow! I’m missing Mexico already!

**Special thanks to Jon Free for being the vacation photographer and letting me use the photos!**

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