October 30, 2010

Family Holiday Photos

by Shelly

We recently had a photo session for our holiday pictures with my wonderfully, talented friend Jennifer of Jennifer Lenzen Photography.  We’re so happy with how she perfectly captured are silly, goofy family!  Head over to her blog to see our photos as well as some of the other families she’s captured.


October 26, 2010

halloween wine party

by Shelly

This past weekend the husband was away celebrating with some friends for an upcoming wedding.  Whenever he goes out of town I of course find it a perfect opportunity to have a ladies event at our place!  I decided that we were over-do to get my book wine club girls together for a little fun. We each brought a bottle of wine with either a Halloween sounding name or a wine that comes from a spooky region (ie. Eastern European or something like that).  As usual we had A LOT of fun…I didn’t go to bed till 3:30am! And my three year old even woke up for a little while to see what all the noise was down stairs.  She LOVED all the girls!

The lineup of wines…missing is Phantom by Bogle and Ghost Pines Chardonnay.  Both really nice Halloween themed wines!  By the way, my adorable friend Vicky went all out and totally decorated her bottle (that’s hers to the very left).

Vicky also made adorable Halloween themed tortilla chips in the shape of pumpkins, ghosts, etc…and LOOK at her guacamole below!!!

Yes! That is a graveyard scene in her dip. I about died when she showed up with this dish. TOO CUTE!

The girls minus one! Definitely a momma’s night out for sure!

Posing with Lexy in front of the enormous amount of food we had. And BOY did we do damage! Especially on the beautiful tray of gourmet chocolates another one of the ladies brought. SOO GOOD!

Yummmm chocolate!

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October 22, 2010

Designer crush

by Shelly

I finally got a little time yesterday to catch up on magazine reading and online mag reading too! In the October/November issue of Lonny there is a fabulous spread on Mary McDonald who is celebrated for wonderfully capturing old Hollywood style in her designs. I fell in LOVE with Mary’s dressing area that is featured in her new book Mary McDonald: Interiors: The Allure of Style.

The wallpaper is AMAZING first off! And I only wish I had a dressing area like this…wowzers! The tufted ottoman, that gorgeous blue, the mirrored vanity..so pretty!  The one idea in this room that I might just have to borrow, is the way she hangs her handbags on hooks in the closet. Such an easy idea, but it looks so nice and organized!

Well, the little one and I are guy free this weekend. The hubs is at a guys getaway, so its just us girls! I’m having a fun ladies wine party tomorrow night with a Halloween theme. I’ll make sure to recap the details on Monday! Hope you have some fun planned this weekend too!


October 20, 2010

Momma needs a new bag!

by Shelly

I am thrilled to announce Van Rozeboom Interiors’ first blog sponsor, Beso Handbags!  I have to first share with you a little bit about the owner and creator of Beso, Johanna.  Johanna and I first met when I was in third grade at the private Lutheran school we both attended.  Jo was a few years older, a cheerleader and boy did I want to be her when I grew up! She was the quintessential all American girl..blonde hair, dimples, bubbly personality.  She became my very own cheerleadering mentor a few years later, when she helped me refine my moves which eventually helped me land a spot on the squad.  We went on to high school together and eventually lost touch after she graduated.  But just leave it to Facebook to bring people together! Years later she is married to her high school sweetheart, has two adorable kiddos, and a CUTE handbag line featuring vintage fabrics.

Here are just a few of her creations…

I’m seeing something with orange in my future! I just LOVE those fabrics! Please stop by Johanna’s site and see more of her work HERE!


October 20, 2010


by Shelly

It was so exciting to see new faces on my blog! Thank you to all that entered and subscribed as well. Megan, to answer your question about “subscribing”, you can either set up a Google Reader account and add all the blogs you read so that everyday you just go on there and it will show all the new posts. Or you can go right on the Home page of my blog and under “Where I’m At” there is a little subscribe to feed button next to the Facebook one. Hope that helps!

And dum, dum, dum…the winner of the $50 dollars to Pottery Barn is in fact non other than my lovely, wonderfully talented hairdresser MEGAN who has the cutest little side business Pumpkin Seed!!!  You must go check out her cute baby things…and her two adorable little models..um I mean girls!

Congrats Megan!

And thank you to everyone for entering.  There WILL be more giveaways in the upcoming future, so please come visit often!

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