April 28, 2010

I’ve decided….

by Shelly

that we’ve lived in our house for almost a year now and I want our living room DONE! We need a cocktail table, sofa table, new lamps, new chair of some sort and odds and ends. I want it done in one month… Not sure my hubby will be ok with this decision since he pays most of the bills and we’ve been on operation save lately (not sure if I was cc’d on that memo). To start off the room I want this…

via Pieces Inc. com
This is vintage and already sold on the site I found her on, but I want something similar. I’m on the hunt now. seriously. I also think I’m going to do a chair in this fabric….

via Galbraith and Paul
or maybe something like this…
via Quadrille

as seen in Traditional Home in the orange color way
Ok, off to scheme and beg my husband. Wish me luck!


April 26, 2010

Weekend wrap up…

by Shelly

Daddy went out of town this past weekend, so the little one and I got to spend some fun time together.

Ellie got her first manicure and pedicure! Seriously funny! I loved watching the poor girl doing her nails try to repaint her smudged fingers every 5 minutes or so. I actually told them NOT to paint her fingers because I saw that it was not going to work. She didn’t hear me..so what are you going to do?
I was sitting across from her getting my mani/pedi and yelling “Ellie, robot hands sweetie…don’t bend your fingers!”. It sort of worked, but I spent the evening trying to scrape off pink polish from her clothes.
Then I treated my little girl to her very first In n’ Out cheeseburger. She ate a bit of the burger, but her heart was set on the french fries and lemonade. 
The next day my mom joined us for an early morning trip to the Santa Monica Flea Market (I’ll post my finds tomorrow!) and to the Long Beach Farmer’s Market after. How pretty are all those berries!
Lots of beautiful, colorful veggies..we bought a TON!
A woman was buying all of those flowers piled on the table when I was browsing the booth! 
The orchid man is always a huge hit with the locals.
Hope you had a fantastic weekend and your Monday has been painless!

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April 26, 2010

The Coachella recap

by Shelly

It has been a full week since Coachella 2010 wrapped up in the desert of So Cal. I had not been since 2006 and boy has it evolved! First off…HOLY crowds batman! I could not believe how many people they now let into the venue. Back when I was going every year…2002-2006…the crowds were around 80,000 people. Now, from what I heard on the radio, the crowd is 200,000+!!!! Yikes! Let me tell ya, it felt like it!

Ok, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let me start at the beginning. First mistake, don’t go to Coachella with friends who do not have their ticket to the event yet. It usually sells out and/or it’s a major pain in the..well you know..to get tickets once there.  I ended up missing the first day of the show because no one had a ticket other than me. I didn’t want to go by myself, so we went out to dinner and had a fun night instead. With that being said, my friend Ana somehow hooked us up with some MAJOR VIP artist passes to the event on Saturday by diligently checking on Craigslist . So of course I sold my ticket asap to use the much better hookup! Bliss. It was awesome. 
Our full access artist passes!
Backstage waiting for De La Soul to finish up.

With the artist passes we could not only go into the upgraded VIP area (which people pay dearly to get into), but we could go into the” no access for anyone normal” area! This area was where the bands had their trailers, a lounge area was set up for celebrities and the bands, there was free alcohol, we could go anywhere backstage we wanted to and we got AMAZING parking.  I don’t think I could ever go back with just general admission again. I’ve tasted the good life and it is sa-weeet!

Who knew there was a LAKE at Coachella!?
My fav band Phoenix! Right over my shoulder sitting there. I didn’t want to bug them with a picture.
Not only did we get to watch some amazing bands and artists from the side stage away from the crowds, but we rubbed shoulders with them before and after the show.
Yes, I met Brobie from Yo Gabba Gabba. My daugher loves this pic!

Corrine Bailey Rae… Love love love her! She’s so tiny!
My friend Ana with Tony from No Doubt
We ran into Danny DeVito Saturday night on the way out to our car.
Spoon! So good live.
Blurry Muse. I wasn’t a huge fan before this show. Now after seeing them live I love them! 
 It was a fabulous weekend albeit tiring as heck. I never thought I would come that close to so many celebrities and music artists. I had a run in with BEYONCE for goodness sake! That’s a whole story in itself really. Every year I say I’ll never go again, but if I line up artist passes next year…I’M GOING!

Thanks Ana for taking all the great pictures!!!

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I’ve decided I am going to start a monthly posting called “A Few of My Favorite Things”.  This will be a collection of things that I’m loving at the current time. It may be clothing, food, music, home stuff, whatever… But it will always be new and different. I might also ask my fellow blogger friends to guest blog their “favs” to make it fun and interesting.  So let’s kick it off with some things I’m crushing on right now….

Galbraith and Paul Fabrics

I spotted this line in one of my design mags recently and immediately set up a trade account with them and got samples. Once I got the samples I was in AWE!!! So fun, so pretty, and so unique. I’m considering using the green tile fabric and the aqua and green medallion fabric on the lower left for pillows and/or to recover an accent chair in my living room.

The fabric is designed by Liz Galbraith and is hand blocked. They also do beautiful custom rugs and wallpaper!

Domino Feb.2008
 Domino March 2009
Better Homes and Gardens October 2006

English Gardens
I’ve always loved English garden design, but it wasn’t until we moved to our new home that I became a serious fan.  Our backyard was remodeled by the previous owners in an English style. Although they attempted to recreate this look, they sort of fell short. I’ve spent the last few months ripping out the old plants that were not right and overgrown and put in lots of fresh herbs, lavender, lamb’s ear…you get the picture. Its coming together slowly. And I can’t wait for the weather to really warm up so we can sit back there with friends, have wine and appetizers and enjoy the scenery. Here are some gardens that have really inspired me.
Ina Garten’s garden 
 More of Ina’s garden via Food Network
via Velvet and Linen…
Yes, I know..not really an English garden, but I’m loving pea gravel right now and this looks SO cozy!

Miss Trish for Target 

 via target addict blogspot

I bought a pair of these cuties for my little cutie right before Easter. Every time I go into Target I now run to the shoe section because our awesome babysitter Liz somehow always scores the cutest shoes there. Or maybe its just that whatever she puts on looks super cute. One of the two…I’m going with the latter. Anywho, I was SHOCKED when I saw these and for the price how could I resist!? I’ve been wanting a pair of Trish’s for a few years now, but can never come up with a good enough excuse to buy a pair of sandals over $100. My husband would kill me..literally. When I bought a pair for my toddler they didn’t yet have the women’s version in store yet. They do now though!
What things have you been obsessing over lately? I’d love to hear!

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Ugh…no one likes them. We’ve been so crazy this year and the last half of last year, that we aren’t even CLOSE to finishing them. So we’re getting an extension. Oh well. 
But what makes me feel better around this time of the year is knowing that the simple things (and sometimes the cheapest) are what makes my world go round and lifts me up when I need it most. I just wanted to share a few of those things with you….

via cluas.com
No not the city, the band. I have every album now and it is my GO TO for happy, pick me up music. I love that their music doesn’t sound the same from song to song. I’m even more thrilled that I will be seeing them this weekend at this event! Check them out right here.
2. Epicuro- Alianico Red Wine $4.99 at Trader Joe’s
A friend introduced this wine to me a few years ago. And I was skeptical. $4.99, seriously!? This can’t be good. I’ll admit I’m no wine connoisseur, but I definitely don’t go for the jug wine at the grocery store either. Since the hubby and I drink a fair bit of wine (Hey, he’s got a stressful job and well..I have a 2 year old), we are always on the lookout for some thriftier bottles to enjoy. This one fits the bill perfectly. 
3. Z Pizza- particularly the Provence pizza!
When we moved to our new home last July we discovered that this pizza chain was right around the corner. We tried it out…we fell in love. The ingredients are oh so fresh, the pizza ingredients they throw together are perfect and it tastes way better than those other pizza guys. They’re salads rock too!


4. Our backyard/ garden
 We were beyond thrilled when we moved into our new home which happened to include the most incredible backyard. The previous owners had recently spent A LOT of money renovating and upgrading the whole thing just about a year before they sold it to us. I come from a long line of gardeners on my mom’s side of the family, so of course I have naturally fallen in love with the pastime too!

The little one and I spend many daylight hours ripping out overgrown plants, pruning roses, and potting herbs and ferns. Not everything is successful, but it is my little way of relaxing and taking in the sunshine. My little girl just likes the chance to get totally dirty….since mommy is a bit of a clean freak! 

We can’t WAIT to throw a big 4th of July BBQ this summer with all of our friends and their kids! The pool and spa are screaming for it!

5. Modern Family
If you haven’t watched this show yet kick yourself. Seriously, this is one of the funniest shows around right now. All the characters crack me up, but the adorable gay couple is my favorite. Go figure. (FYI: I love the gays!) Anywho, check it out Wednesday nights on ABC, it will not disappoint.

Hope the simple pleasures in your life help you get through the yucky stuff too!