October 29, 2009

Science class

by Shelly

Every morning I religiously get up, head downstairs, start the coffee process, feed the pets, and then hop on my laptop to check out One Kings Lane an online private home decor website. It’s by invitation only and SOOO worth it! Need an invite? Drop me a line here and I’ll send you one.

So this morning I broke from my usual first thing in the am routine to take a long hot shower before heading downstairs. *it was ccccold this morning…at least by So Cal standards*. Well my little delay caused me to be late for the sale of the day on the site. Empiric Studio was todays’ sale and they have FAB scientific prints and posters, old photographs, old So Cal photos, travel graphics and floral and fauna prints. By the time I logged on all of the amazing looking scientific prints were sold out! UGH! I was in love instantly. I was thinking a few might be sort of quirky in our dining room or maybe in my soon to be office. Who knows…but I want one! Just check some of these bad boys out…

 Pfurtscheller Zoological Wall Chart

Italian Periodic Chart, midcentury
And a series of these astrological prints would look too cool grouped together in a room. Not your usual art that everyone seems to have!
 Illustrated Astronomy, Uranus and Neptune

Illustrated Astronomy, Eclipses
I think a few of these babies are going to be making their way into my home or a clients’ very soon. 


Oh the joys of buying a big, expensive, new home. Did I mention “expensive”? Yeah, so now we are broke as a joke. But a girl can dream and since J. Crew hasn’t gotten the memo that I won’t be shopping with them for a while, they continue to flood my mail with their catalogs. This has of course prompted me to just check out what’s on the website. I shouldn’t have…because now I want it ALL!!!

Frances stripe ruffled tuxedo shirt $89.50
Organza sash tissue tank $35.00

Gwen Dress $2000 <—And NO I wouldn’t in a million years be allowed to buy this dress. Besides where the heck do I go nowadays where I could actually where it?

Bronwyn tall burnished leather midheel boots $375
Glimmergold Crystal necklace $98
Crystal supernova ring $58
These are a few of my favorite things! A girl can dream right?

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But she really, really loved trying on all of Mommy and Daddy’s past wigs and parts of costumes yesterday. She finally settled on my lovely wig from my Rock of Love chick costume and Dad’s Bret Michaels boots. I had to pry that wig off her head after she ran around with it, flirting at herself in the mirror for over an hour! Well, just for a little fun here is the hubby and I last Halloween at our annual party. If you haven’t seen Rock of Love on VH1 then you might not get it. If you have…well then…you understand how funny this is. By the way, I hope Reed doesn’t decide to start wearing eyeliner anytime soon. He looks drugged out!


October 23, 2009

One step forward

by Shelly

My lovely, wonderful, creative hubby (was that enough?) has been working hard on creating a website for newly re-established interior design company!

I am so thrilled to be going back into design after a seriously long hiatus…8 long years to be exact!. And even though I haven’t “officially” been in the biz for that serious stretch of time, in no way did it ever leave my life. In fact I would go so far as to say I did MORE design during those years than before. I planned and designed my own wedding, as well as a few friends weddings, we bought a new home that needed a complete overhaul inside and out, I helped out friends and family with their individual remodels and design projects and I threw more parties and social events than any non-socialite should! And because of our last big life change..buying our dream home that is 3x the size of our last!….I realized that I want to be back in the field for good! So here is the first step towards working back in my dream field. Let me introduce to you www.vanrozeboom.com! We’re still working on the actual site, but at least I have an online face now. I’m giddy with excitement at sharing my design projects and events! Now if I could only find the file with my portfolio…..

By the way, I have to give some serious credit to some designers that I have found the last few years through design blogs and magazines, that have inspired me (without their knowledge) to get back into design again and give it a go on my own. Thanks guys!!!

Sally Steponkus
Tobi Fairley
Lori Tippins
Annsley McAleer
Jason Bell