Back when I was pregnant with our little one, right off the bat I had decided that even though I was having a girl she was NOT going to be one of those diva, princess, ultra girly girls that seem to be running around everywhere these days. The amount of stickers, clothing, dolls, whatever….that are geared for making your little think she is a princess and what not make me SICK!!! The whole thing just seems to breed spoiled little brats who think they are special, but not in a good way. Instead, I wanted our sweetie to be athletic and smart and more “surfer girl” than diva. Well, it all failed….she loves..I mean really, really LOVES fairies, pixies, princesses, dresses, lace, glitter, shoes, makeup, all of it!

I will admit it’s pretty cute. She has the best time playing around in mommy’s closet trying on my hats, putting on shoes and walking around with one of my huge handbags over her arm. It’s adorable really.

So here we are, weeks away from my fav holiday Halloween and of course this year I am asking Ellie what she would like to be. I figure she’s old enough to tell me what she likes and doesn’t right? The first thing she through at me was “Minnie Mouse!” and that was a great my humble opinion. LOL! But then…then we watch the Tinkerbell movie last week on cable. Opps! Forget about it…it’s all about fairies, pixies, anything with wings and fabulous tutu! Darn it!!!! She wants everything and anything related to that idea. So now I’m stuck with dressing her up like all the other little girls running around. Disappointed.

But now that I have a clear idea of what Ellie is longing for I have gone on a mad hunt for a cute..possibly unique Tinkerbell costume for her. I haven’t really found anything yet, but I ran across these and they are too stinkin’ cute I must say. Maybe next year she’ll be something goofy or scary with her mommy!

Etsy Seller: Fairy Wonderful
Etsy Seller: lovelylittleones
Etsy Seller: boutiqueolliegirl

Here are some cute photos of Ellie from last year…

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September 11, 2009

By the way….

by Shelly

Just got our mail and the new issue of Women’s Health. How cute does Christina Applegate look on the cover? I want her whole outfit…it’s very me!

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September 11, 2009

Guest/Baby bath remodel

by Shelly

We just moved to our new big, wonderful new home a short 6 weeks ago, but of course the “we’ll eventually do that” bathroom ended up being one of the first large projects we decided to knock out. What facilitated our decision to conquer the bathroom was two things: 1) our 2 year old would have NOTHING to do with baths in that room for her and 2) our dearest German friends were coming mid-September for a two week visit to the states. So we decided to do a “small” redo on the room…yeah right!!

Actually, I should admit that I was asked by my hubby to just take off the wallpaper, so we could paint the room. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the pic before I painstakingly scrapped off all the wonderfulness that was our Tommy Bahama palm tree explosion. But it was very early 1990′s with LOTS of palm trees and complete with not just one wallpaper border over the actual main wallpaper, but TWO! UGH UGH UGH!

                           So here is the lovely bath after the paper came down. Awesome huh? Looks like a lot of apartment bathrooms I’ve had in the past!
Well once the paper came down the other half and I decided to just go full speed ahead. So here we are just three days before our friends are due to arrive and we still have nothing, but the tub in place. Long story short, we went with a handyman that was VERY lazy and then got “sick” Tuesday and well, we haven’t seen him since. So, I contacted some other installers and first thing this am, I have two guys here to lay the shower and floor tile. Tomorrow morning the new vanity is being installed, as well as the vanity marble. Here are are the fabulous details going into our vintage inspired bath….
Restoration Hardware Framed Inset Medicine Cabinet
Grohe “Seabury” 8″ Widespread Faucet

Grohe “Seabury” Tub/Shower Faucet

Pottery Barn Mercer Double Sconce in Satin Nickle
  PB Mercer Bath Fixtures

1″ Unglazed Hexagon Floor Tile

Ann Sacks 3 x 6 subway tile for shower walls
Kohler Devonshire Soaking Tub

Kohler Devonshire Undermount Sinks
We’re hoping and praying that the new guys can knock this bathroom out by Tuesday! Please cross your fingers and toes for us. I would so love this to be all ready for our amazing friends and their baby!!!  Stay tuned for after pics.


September 9, 2009

The never-ending to do list

by Shelly

My poor, poor husband! He sort of knew what he was getting into when he married me, but was there any real way to prepare him for the crazy OCD girl that is me? I don’t think so. It’s one of those day by day learning experiences for sure.

Since I was a little girl I have been a complete neat freak, a perfectionist and WAY too into decorating and design than anyone should be. I mean, come on, an 8 year old finds it enjoyable to paint and decorate her room rather than playing with her friends? Yep, that was me!

So now that we have this fairly sizable new home, I of course must have every room in show home condition. Or at the very least something my friends can oooh and aahh over when they come over!

This morning I woke up still sick with a cold, but feeling energized to get started on some little projects. Just to give you an idea of the never ending list, here is a starter of what I would like to do:

Family Room/ Kitchen:

  • Order fabric for sofa pillows
  • Redo hideous river rock fireplace
  • Hang SOMETHING over the mantel
  • Replace wobbly, wrong style fan
  • Have new slipcovers made for kitchen table chairs

Dining Room

  • Purchase slipcovered wingback dining chairs for heads of table
  • Repaint or wallpaper room
  • Hang art and candle sconces

Living Room

  • Redo marble on existing fireplace mantel
  • Purchase large round convex mirror for over mantel
  • Tables! Cocktail, end and sofa table needed.
  • Have electrician install outlet in floor behind sofa for lamps


  • Purchase desk
  • General organization needed

Guest Room 1

  • Redo window seat…pull off carpet and have cushions and pillows made for the area.
  • Hang art above bed
  • Find comfy chair for the room

Guest Room 2

  • Paint over UGLY dark red walls
  • Purchase twin beds and small bedside table for inbetween
  • Find wall art

Baby’s Room

  • Redo window seat…same as above
  • Replace lighting part of ceiling fan

Master Bedroom

  • Take down the sconces…all six of them!
  • Need mirror for over dresser
  • Put up art

Master Bath

  • Total remodel

Kid’s/Guest Bath

  • Finish remodel


  • Purchase cushions for new teak outdoor sectional
  • Replace dining and lounge outdoor furniture to teak to match.

Whew! I’m exhausted and broke just writing that! That list will not be finished anytime soon and that’s ok. Isn’t that the fun of decorating a home…building and growing as you become more accustomed to it? I’ve just never had this much of a pallet to work with. Since I grew up mostly in apartments or condos up until six years ago, this is a treat! I will be sharing as I knock these things out one by one.

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Ummm, so it’s a bit hard to keep up a blog when you really aren’t sure if anyone is reading it. You basically figure, what’s the use? But since finding I have been completely inspired by the lovely ladies on there who are as obsessed with home design as I am.

Ok, so since I haven’t been around here for QUITE a while, here is a little breakdown of what’s transpired over the last few months. We’ve been just a wee bit busy!

1)We sold our starter home..*sniff* and bought our dream home..*yippie!*

2)After a 7 year hiatus I have relaunched my interior design biz, but this time I’m way more serious and full speed ahead…. Watch out soon for Van Rozeboom Interiors website!

3)I had a near death medical emergency on Mother’s Day that has left me more grateful for my friends, family, and life than I ever could have imagined. I’m still dealing with a few medical “bumps” shall we say, but for someone who was in ICU for 3 days…I am ALIVE AND KICKING!!!!

So, folks here I am..back in the saddle. I have far too many projects and fun things I’m doing over here NOT to share them with you all. Sit back kids and enjoy!